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The ambitious Deepfake project that brings you a taste of our future life in the age of synthetic media, where content creates itself.
1 photo
to create a high-quality deepfake
2 months
for research and development
of methodology
It took only 1 image of a legendary Russian avant-garde artist who lived in the past century and a revolutionary artificial intelligence algorithm that brought him to life.

For Mandalorian Deepfake of Luke Skywalker creators used the library with the enormous amount of face expressions of the actor Mark Hamill from the original Star Wars trilogy.
And the Dalí Lives project used over 6,000 images, which were obtained from selected videos with the artist.

Year: 2021
Technology: DeepFake
Challenge 1 | Find a perfect image

In order to make a Deepfake you need images with a human face in similar lighting and angles to achieve high quality of the Deepfake. For this project we had only 40 old black and white photos with poor lighting and inadequate angles. And after filtering photos, we only had 13 of them left
Challenge 2 | Create a revolutionary new technology

We had to make images fit for Deepfake production by both face enhancement and colorization. It was impossible with existing algorithms, so we developed our own method in Phygital+, and so could make more images with different emotional expressions and camera angles. After tests and iterations, only one image turned out to be a good fit for face swapping

Challenge 3 | Optimize and speed up the workflow

Next step was to make a very realistic 4k quality video. But the existing tools, which are usually used for Deepfake, could only provide full hd and demanded 4 months of production to provide 40-minutes video. So again we used our own Phygital+ tool, which demonstrated unbelievable results of producing the 4k video in 2 hours instead of 4 months
Challenge 4 | Get the perfect result

All we had to do was to finally retouch video materials, which was once again done with Phygital+ and enjoy the fascinating results of bringing the legend back to life
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