The culture is an integral part of our company’s life.
It is what brings us closer together and distinguishes us as ‘phygitalists’ among others.
We created the Culturebook to combine all the principles and values of the company, our goal, mission and concept in one place.
Zoia Vashkevich
Oleg Yusupov
CEO & Co-founder
Dasha Mukhina
Tech Trend Analyst
Sasha Kryuchkov
Olya Zueva
Product Manager
Mike Tunev
Full Stack
Egor Kulagin
Darya Zhurnakova
We don’t have an office in the usual sense. The place where we spend most of our lives is called SHTAB. Here we work, live, make friends, spend the nights, celebrate holidays and make parties. It has everything you need and the most important – comfort and coziness. It is our second home.

In the shtab we collect, separate and give for the recycling waste that we also bring from our homes. Once a quarter we make eco-picnics where we relax and clean the territory and collect recyclables.
eco & social
We contribute to the eco-friendly treatment of the environment and inspire all our partners and friends to do the same. We promote a caring attitude to nature and every living thing on the planet.
We try to help both financially and physically. For a few years already we have been packing school backpacks for children from orphanages. For our company’s birthday we planted trees in the yard of a nursing home.

helping people
We have three enclosures at the animal shelter for homeless dogs ‘Pechatniki’ under our care. Our animals get everything they need for life and, of course, endless love. We are also looking for new families for our shelter dogs and preparing them for home life.
helping animals
We provide the computing power of our equipment to help other companies solve important problems – for example, Folding Home, for solving a combinatorial problem to fight coronavirus.
Digital Activities
We conduct educational lectures for children and teenagers with immersion in our technologies. We believe that the world of phygital can inspire everyone for wonderful achievements!
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