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Interactive AR app for making artworks become alive
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The international art exhibition Artlife Fest is an annual exhibition of modern art. Our continuous collaboration and AR app helps to introduce more people to immersive art and the latest technologies
Year: 2018 / 2019 / 2020
Client: Artlife Fest
Duration: 3 months
Tech: #AR #Unity #Vuforia #3D #ML
“The mobile app and AR made it possible. We thank PHYGITALISM for helping us become the first exhibition in Russia to introduce such content to a wide audience and basically make it accessible to everyone…”

Crestina Lancova
Producer at Artlife
The interactive AR-gallery with the native UX guides the exhibition visitors through watching digital layers of paintings and listening to the audio guide, and allows them to make in-app purchases of art courses

Application was based on the Vuforia SDK, so we could experiment with different mechanics on two mobile platforms: iOS and Android
We paid special attention to the development of the UI, applying a new interaction mechanics — the interface's response to the position of the phone when viewing pictures
Intuitive UI
Alive artworks

Some of the paintings were enhanced in 2D, other paintings were augmented with 3D objects, so that the visual effects went beyond the boundaries of the painting

Apart from creating the content in the augmented reality, our task was also to study the concept that stands behind every picture. Every work of art is unique and we needed to create a digital layer that would emphasize it, so our choice of the mechanism was influenced by the author’s initial idea
AI as a creator

For accelerating the development process we used artificial intelligence as an assistant to our XR artists. In other words, we embraced the concept of intelligence amplification — the co-creative collaboration of people and artificial intelligence

We used neural networks that helped designers come up with new interesting unpredictable approaches. By testing new technologies for artistic purposes, we accelerated the process of working on paintings, optimized routine
workflow, and experimented with new style

The total number of pictures we created digital copies for was 40, each created with an individual approach. But all of them had one thing in common – the gallery changed the traditional views on the exhibition display, stepping outside of the frames and showcasing the phygital technologies

3D artists
Katya Toxic
Vlad Krutenyuk
Pavel Postnikov
Roman Chumak
Katya Vinogradova
Vlad Krutenyuk
Vova Truskov
Alexey Shutov
Max Shtonda
Egor Agalakov

Articles about the project

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Egor Kulagin
Andrey Ivanov
Ivan Vinogradov
Sasha Kryuchkov Vadim Kondaratsev
Project manager
Valeria Fimina
Creative manager
Yana Saykovskaya Vanya Yunitskiy
Artlife team
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