Educational and cultural project about the royal family with augmented reality
unique AR elements in the book
In 2019, it was 100 years since the death of the last royal family in Russia.

#Romanovs100 is a project that has become a tribute to the memory of the Romanov family and has created a unique symbiosis of storytelling, historical photography and technology.
Year: 2018

Partners: RT Creative Lab

Duration: 1,5 months

Technologies: ##AR #ARkit

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To understand the present and foresee the future, you need to know the past.
The project helps to take a different look at the usual formats of historical books — augmented reality creates the basis for storytelling and brings the viewer on an immersive journey through the history of the Romanovs.
We created a mobile application that has become a guide to the digital layer of a real album. Pointing the smartphone camera at the pages of the book, the reader could see how letters and family photos come to life by adding movement and color.

The application is rich in interactive mechanics. It makes the reader a co-author by involving in an immersive learning process.

For those who do not have a physical book, we created a digital copy of it in the application, so the images of the family and related materials can appear around the viewer.
CG artists
Vlad Krutenyuk
Project managers
Valeria Fimina
Account manager
Яна Сайковская
RT Creative Lab
Denis Semionov
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