Immersive special project for bringing attention to the anniversary of releasing the Zemfira’s first album
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In 2019 the release of the first album of legendary singer Zemfira celebrated its 20 anniversary.

The Yandex.Mediaservices team attracted us as partners in the creation of a unique special project at that time – an interactive immersion in the atmosphere of a place where the music creations familiar to everyone were created.
Year: 2019

Partners: Yandex mediaservice

Duration: 1 month

Technologies: #web #webVR #blender #threeJS #substancepainter #gltf #handpaint

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The main reference and source of inspiration for us was Zemfira's album itself, illustrating the classic floral pattern of wallpaper on the walls of khrushchyovka.

The image of the housing of the 90s, in which the recording of the singer's first album took place, was taken as a reference and we embodied it in the form of a virtual copy, which the viewer could visit. Herringbone parquet, lampshade, Soviet wardrobe – a surrounding familiar to the Russian viewer.
The style of the room was based on the contrast between realism and comics – in developing the design concept, we took the 3rd episode of the series "Love, Death and Robots" as a reference, where the line between the two directions is very clearly visible.

For achieving the desired effect we did textures manually to highlight the pattern of "strokes". And the visual accents appearing on some objects imitated the special effects in comics – simple lines and drawing.
The room acted also as a platform for a quest. Looking at the surroundings, the audience was looking for references to songs from the album – daisies, T-shirt, moon and other iconic Zemfira’s attributes. As soon as the object was found, the viewer could get access to listening to the tied song on the Yandex.Music service.

In addition to visual references, patterns from clips also sounded in the background – the cry of crows and white noise from the TV.
Our main priority for the technical part was to optimize the created content for web standards, which is necessary for fast loading and high-quality display of experience.

The original model was created in Blender and then exported to gltf format.
In the implementation of projects, we pay a lot of attention to make a reusable system, so that the created experience can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also in other platforms.

We transferred the created room to VR to implement an even greater effect of immersion in the atmosphere of the room and Zemfira's creativity.
Vlad Krutenyuk
Katya Yanzen
Pavel Postnikov
Project Manager
Oleg Yusupov
Vova Makarevich
Roma Oganesyan
Val Lapchevskiy
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