Rosbank Future Cities
WebAR project for digital public art festival
We were a technological partner of the digital public art festival Rosbank Future Cities that took place in 6 Russian cities at the same time.

Our task was to create a WebAR site that served as a guide to the virtual works of artists hidden in different geolocations. The project has become a groundbreaking precedent in the field of technology and art in Russia owing to the unique technology and its coverage.

Project site
Year: 2021
Client: V Confession Agency / Rosbank
Duration: 2 months
Tech: #WebAR #8thwall #location-based

By integrating AR objects into the invisible digital infrastructure of cities, the Rosbank Future Cities festival reinterprets the traditional concept of public art as art in an urban environment.

Antenna Daily
It was especially important for us to make a website with an intuitive interface for the festival audience that includes WebAR technology. During the creation of the project, we paid much attention to developing the user experience, which covers all the features related to AR technology and location-based mechanics.

The final solution combined
– a mobile / desktop website with content about the festival, artists and art objects
– the city map view with the specified position of digital works
– a view of virtual artworks using AR technology
– an audio guide that immerses in the specifics of each object and its idea
– a checklist of completed works, and by the end of its completion each participant could receive a gift associated with one of the art institutions of their city

Artworks were the result of artists' reasoning about urban space, the place of technology and humanity in its structure.

We are proud to have become partners of the largest Russian art festival using WebAR technology. This is a unique solution that combines technology, creativity and art.
Creative Managers
Oleg Yusupov
Yana Saykovskaya
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