AR-application for a book-album about the Romanov family
#Romanovs100 combines the visual language of photography with AR tech to create an interactive history book featuring a personal, image-based story of Russia’s last Royal family

We have created an AR application that has become a guide to the digital layer of the book, immersing the viewer in the history of the Romanovs

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Year: 2018
Client: RT Creative Lab
Duration: 1,5 months
Tech: #AR #ARkit

Augmented reality becomes a storytelling tool that plunging the viewer in an immersive journey through history

The collected photos and letters of the family, existing in the form of an album, come to life on smartphone screens, revealing new facts from the life of the Romanovs to the audience
We have created a mobile application that has become a guide to the digital layer of a real album. Pointing the smartphone camera at the pages of the book, the reader could see how letters, photos come to life, images of the family appear
For those who do not have a physical book, a digital copy of it is recreated in the application - in which you can also see photos coming to life, figures of Nikolai
Vlad Krutenyuk
Project Manager
Valeria Fimina
Creative Manager
Yana Saykovskaya
RT Creative Lab
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